Women in Technology

How can we develop women in tech?

In our latest Women in Digital series of blogs Ali Palmer, Technology Consultant, Odgers Interim Management outlines some of the key issues that can help support women into technology roles. There’s no question that we need to encourage more women into technology. Women represent over half of the creative talent pool in this country, but remain under-represented in the industry. Our economy needs digital skills to thrive and grow, and encouraging more women into the industry creates diversity which many studies have shown increases the bottom line. But how do we achieve this? At a foundational level, there needs to be an emphasis within schools to encourage young women to study maths and the sciences. These subjects need to be brought to life and placed within the context of careers. For instance, how many young girls realise that maths and science can lead to careers in areas as exciting and…

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Diversity can fuel the fires of continued digital innovation

I was recently invited by Westminster eForum to give a keynote presentation at their seminar: Women in the tech sector: education, company cultures and business benefits. My brief was to show that there is a commercial case for gender equality. Yes we may all agree that it is the right thing to do, but does gender equality make a business more profitable? Here is a brief summary of some of the key points that I was able to make during the presentation. I am delighted to say, the answer is yes. I’ve got the stats and my own experience as the General Manager and VP of Cogeco Peer 1 to prove it. (Which is a good job because if the answer was no, this would have been be a very short and not very popular keynote speech.) Here are 5 cold, hard, researched stats that demonstrate the ways in which…

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