Streamline Your Content with a CDN Service

For technology professionals, there’s no shortage of content online, but let’s be honest: much of it is of questionable value. The reason? It’s easy – too easy – to push content out there. The critical question is, what’s the optimal amount of content an organization needs to produce for its audience to get the desired effect? If the content is worth producing at all, it should answer a very loud “Yes!” to these four essential questions: Is it relevant? This is the most important question to ask of all. It’s absolutely critical to look at the information being sent from the perspective of the intended audience. Is it meaningful to them? For example, does it address a prevailing technology trend? Is it a new perspective on a current issue? A unique perspective on a recent event? Some piece of truly breaking news – for example, a new product release, technique,…

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Diversity can fuel the fires of continued digital innovation

I was recently invited by Westminster eForum to give a keynote presentation at their seminar: Women in the tech sector: education, company cultures and business benefits. My brief was to show that there is a commercial case for gender equality. Yes we may all agree that it is the right thing to do, but does gender equality make a business more profitable? Here is a brief summary of some of the key points that I was able to make during the presentation. I am delighted to say, the answer is yes. I’ve got the stats and my own experience as the General Manager and VP of Cogeco Peer 1 to prove it. (Which is a good job because if the answer was no, this would have been be a very short and not very popular keynote speech.) Here are 5 cold, hard, researched stats that demonstrate the ways in which…

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3 Benefits of Hybrid IT Management

3 Benefits of Hybrid IT Management A mixture of cloud and on-premise technology will shape the future of business. Here’s how to begin optimizing for success: We’ve all seen that moment in a movie or TV show where a high-stakes gambler goes “all in” — shoving stacks of hard-won chips into the middle of the table and laying down their cards. No matter what happens next, you know that person is either very confident about winning, or courageous enough to risk it all. When those working in IT go “all-in,” on the other hand, the only safe bet is getting fired — which explains why hybrid IT is quickly become the standard operating model. As revolutionary as cloud computing has become for provisioning workloads and managing resources, for example, few organizations are prepared to go all-in on the cloud. Security and compliance remains a concern for many companies, as does…

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