Our Managed IT Services span cloud, hosting, colocation, connectivity and security. Partner with us to design, build and manage hybrid IT solutions that offer reliable, improved, performance. Elevate your People to focus on the “someday-maybe” projects that build a competitive advantage. Unlock the potential for business transformation through flexible support from our trusted, expert team.

Professional IT Services

Extend the power of your people with a team of Technical experts from Cogeco Peer 1 who thrive on tackling some of the common and complex business problems.

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Backup and Recovery Services

Financial loss and reputational damage can be calculated in minutes when data gets lost or systems go down. Ensure peace of mind with Cogeco Peer 1 restoration and recovery services for files, database and more. We’ll tailor it to you.

Database Management Services

Fine-tune your apps and systems to be peak performance-ready at all times. Free yourself from day to day admin and maintenance and release your existing DBAs for more value-added work. The Cogeco Peer 1 team can help with everything from installation to complete rebuilds.

Managed Cloud Services

We help companies chart their course to the cloud with confidence with services that include Design & Build, Migration Services and Managed Services for Azure, the world’s leading cloud platform.

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Managed Hosting Services

With a track record that goes back to 1999, Cogeco Peer 1 is the best choice to design, build and manage high-performance and bare metal solutions and drive the same performance that was once only available through dedicated hardware.

Managed Security Services

Cybercrime operates 24/7, which means your efforts to protect data and mitigate risk need to do the same. Avoid the costs of a breach and create a more manageable path to security with Cogeco Peer 1. Ask us about Log Management and Threat Management, Antivirus, Managed Firewalls, DDoS Protection and more.

Managed Colocation Services

Cogeco Peer 1’s data center engineers have developed a 24/7 friendly and highly flexible professional service we call “Smart Hands & Eyes,” to assist you when you cannot get to your servers and handle any and all forms of emergency.

Managed Connectivity Services

Break-fix is just the beginning. Move from reactive to proactive with services from Cogeco Peer 1 that keep you one step ahead of outages or performance problems. Monitor and manage everything from core network backbones to Ethernet IP-VPNs, with essential reporting that keep quality of service levels high.

Network Management

Servers and storage hardware are important elements of Cogeco Peer 1’s managed IT services (ITSM) portfolio. Yet there are other critical network elements, which need to be monitored and remediated on regular basis:

  • Routers and Switches
  • Network Security Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Like our managed server hosting and managed cloud services, our network management services are backed by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement. This ensures that your gear consistently meets our high standards (and yours) for uptime and peak performance.

The FirstCall Promise™

Our FirstCall Promise™ means you make just one call to our support team, and we’ll start working on your issue immediately.
  • Make a single call to support.
  • Our support team will try to assist on the phone
  • If there’s a problem with your infrastructure, our team of Level II and Level III system administrators will get to work to make it right – as soon as possible.