Intrusion Detection & Threat Protection Service

Strong defenses at the perimeter of your network are vital but there is more to information security than digital walls, tunnels and certificates. External threats are significant, along with internal employee and/or contractor behaviors, which can also compromise your data security vulnerability. With packets of data entering and leaving your network, firewalls can be tricked by emerging or Zero Day malware, as well as the seemingly harmless traffic that harbours a virus.

Hackers are constantly scanning business networks for the slightest security vulnerability or latest application flaw. Cogeco Peer 1’s experienced Network Service Center staff is highly skilled at identifying suspect behavior and keeping tabs on suspicious botnets, malware, and employees that can compromise your security vulnerability. We leverage leading technologies from companies like Juniper, Alert Logic and Cisco to identify these vulnerabilities and handle them before the “bad guys” do.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

There are numerous applications and websites that can not only erode your company’s productivity, but also expose your network to worm virus and malware related threats. Creating a backdoor into your data, these cyber security risks can pass through undetected.

Key features and benefits:

  • No capex and minimal monthly costs: ensures outstanding value proposition
  • Strong compliance: enables you to meet PCI-DSS standards
  • Proactive protection: includes whitelist, blacklist, OWASP2 Top 10 and zero-day exploits
  • Intuitive learning engine: intelligently compares current traffic with average patterns providing incident response and assessment
  • Rapid deployment: in just a few days and outshines the lengthy DIY WAF implementations
  • Fully managed service: includes setup, configuration, optimization, monitoring and updates.

Authorized use policies for employees using devices and the internet are a step in the right direction. However, through a web application firewall, you can identify unsafe behaviors and take action better than any policy can. By blocking access to restricted websites, Peer-to-Peer file sharing web applications or even streaming content sites, you’ll have a remarkable impact on your network performance. You’ll also significantly mitigate the risk of your network and endpoint devices being compromised.

Intrusion detection and prevention

Monitoring your company’s inbound and outbound network traffic 24/7 takes sophisticated technology and dedicated technicians. As new advanced persistent threats are identified, IPS and IDS systems are updated to alert technicians or block it outright. Our customer-driven security experts can be contracted to inform your IT team of identified threats, or be authorized to resolve the issue directly.

Key features and benefits:

  • Full visibility of the network: Cogeco Peer 1 gives you most comprehensive solution possible
  • Global Operations Centre (GOC) staffed by Global Information Assurance Certified (GIAC) analysts
  • Managed Services with no capex and minimal monthly costs
  • Fully managed service: includes setup, configuration, optimization, monitoring and updates

Next Generation Security Vulnerability scanning

Just as one network security gap is closed, there are hackers working tirelessly to penetrate your network servers through another. Cogeco Peer 1 keeps your business steps ahead of hackers by scanning your servers for an extensive range of known security vulnerabilities. Once identified, our resourceful technicians can remediate the issue directly, or advise your IT team on how to address the slightest exposure.

Vulnerability scanning is a key element to complying with several regulatory standards, including PCI DSS. Our expert-level services ensure you have the reports and security necessary to satisfy the most thorough audits. Scans can detect a variety of security vulnerabilities including backdoors, Trojans, CGI abuses and weaknesses in HTTP/FTP, and buffer overflow. Vulnerability scans are conducted by PCI Security Council Approved scanning vendor (ASV). An enhanced security audit is available for deeper analysis of your network and applications.