Database Management Systems & Managed Database Services

Eliminate the complexity of managed database services and maintain peak performance levels.

Does your business have the experienced database administration resources necessary to keep your MySQL or Microsoft SQL systems running at peak performance levels? Do you need to design your database apps and systems for scaling or disaster recovery planning?

Cogeco Peer 1’s database DBMS (Database Management Systems) engineers and support specialists are resourceful technology experts, experienced in database configuration, performance and best practices for data quality.

Whether you are leveraging Cogeco Peer 1’s hosted managed database services or a cloud configuration, our managed and professional services experts will ensure your critical data is available, secure and discoverable. Whether your existing DBAs (Database Administrators) are over-utilized, or you’re looking for a new contracted DBA resource to augment or supply expertise, Cogeco Peer 1 will help you contain costs and mitigate the risk of a full-time hire.

We provide a broad spectrum of expert-level support and services, including:
  • Expert advice on database performance tuning and best practices
  • Software install, uninstall, patching, hot fixes and upgrades
  • Database configurations and permission settings
  • Security scans, tuning, cron jobs and scheduled tasks

Database server software rebuilds in case of data corruption or compromise.

Explore the database hosting options for your business.

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