Application and Website Hosting Services

Application and Web Hosting services for your mobile or digital marketing campaign lifecycle needs.

When your company is rolling out a time-sensitive digital marketing campaign, or a mobile app with a defined end date, paying for application or web hosting services beyond that is wasteful. After assigning a domain to the server, publishing the content, and executing the campaign, you could refresh the environment and have it sit idle until the next campaign, but that isn’t cost-effective.

Consider a mobile app for a business conference, a streaming video of a concert, a landing page for gated content or a gaming tournament. Cogeco Peer 1 clients have the flexibility of contracting hosting services for the lifespans of their project, rather than a predefined number of months or years. Gaming tournaments and event-driven apps can experience dramatic spikes and valleys of traffic, and only a robust network like Cogeco Peer 1’s FastFiber Network®, with embedded traffic routing and latency limiting intelligence, will ensure optimal content and data throughput.

Rich media applications, video games and mobile applications are dynamic, and evolve. You need a hosting provider that supports hybrid technologies, as well as the traffic from people looking to consume the content within those applications. Our technical experts orchestrate the technology, which conducts the data.

CDSA (Content Delivery and Storage Association) Certified

We believe our Atlanta, Georgia data center to be the only application and web hosting provider facility to meet the exacting standards of CDSA certification when it comes to the responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information.

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