No surprises. No excuses.

We'll personally care for your information assets while delivering the performance you need.

We tune our data center infrastructure for peak performance to satisfy your customers and employees.


Our data centers are equipped with self-managing hardware, expertly deployed for demand elasticity and enterprise-caliber performance.


The technical architects, support specialists and network engineers on our teams have the know-how to architect reliable hosting environments, and the urgency to respond rapidly to performance inconsistencies.

  • State-of-the-art hybrid technology
  • SSAE 16, CSAE 3416 and ISAE 3402 certified
  • Best-in-class infrastructure
  • Custom options for power, internet connectivity, hardware, security and storage
  • Simplified FirstCall Promise™ support case initiation, and accelerated case escalation process
  • Wholly-owned, redundant FastFiber Network® and MPLS networks

Server Hosting

There are many reasons why Cogeco Peer 1 is the ideal hosting provider for your business. With just as many hosting plans that meet your needs.
  • High performance network with low latency
  • State-of-the art server technology
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Windows & Red Hat Linux Operating Systems


This hosting configuration is customizable for low-to-medium traffic websites, development or backup environment. Can also be used as an email, or general purpose web server.

  • Intel Xeon® Quad Core E3-1240 v5 processor 3.5 GHz
  • 16GB RAM DDR4
    64GB RAM
    Available RAM options (GB):
    16, 32, 64
  • 2x 1TB SATA Drives – RAID 1
    Storage Upgrades:
    Max 4x 3.5” in SATA, SAS or SSD Hardware RAID controller with battery backup unit.
  • 2TB per month bandwidth


This fully customizable server is designed for high-performance websites, including ecommerce environments and application servers.

  • 2x Intel Xeon Octa Core E5-2630 v3 processor 2.4GHz
    Upgradeable to Dual processors with available 12 & 14 core processor options
  • 64 GB RAM DDR4
    768GB RAM.
    24 DIMM slots total
    Available RAM options (GB):
    64, 128, 192, 256, 384, 512, 768
  • 4x 300GB SAS Drives – RAID 10
    Storage Upgrades:
    Max 8x 2.5” HDDs in SATA, SAS, or SSD Hardware RAID controller with battery backup unit
  • 2TB per month bandwidth


Configurable storage server that can be used for Data Warehousing, Big Data & NAS/File server, and as a cornerstone within any multi-tiered server solution.

  • 1x Intel Xeon Hex Core E5-2603 v3 processor 1.6GHz
    Upgradeable to Dual processors with available 6, 8, 12 & 14 core processor options
  • 32 GB RAM DDR4
    768GB RAM.
    24 DIMM slots total
    Available RAM options (GB):
    64, 128, 192, 256, 384, 512, 768
  • 2x 1TB SATA Drives – RAID 1
    Storage Upgrades:
    Max 12x 3.5” HDDs in SATA, SAS, or SSD Hardware RAID controller with battery backup unit
  • 2TB per month bandwidth
Hosting Services:
Dedicated and Managed Server Hosting

Low-latency hosting on dedicated hardware and powered by state-of-the-art Intel® chipsets. We offer a variety of plans and hardware configurations, with the peace of mind of our FirstCall Promise™. You choose between Windows and Red Hat Linux Operating systems for each plan.

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eCommerce Hosting

Do you represent an eCommerce consulting agency, a manufacturing company or other merchant, and are seeking a secure, stable and scalable environment for a Magento® or Broadleaf Commerce website? Cogeco Peer 1 offers flexible PCI-DSS certified hosting services, enhanced by the dedication of our eCommerce and security experts.

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PCI Compliant Hosting

If you process credit card transactions through your website for the sale of products or services, you need to meet the strict requirements of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Council. Contracting e-commerce hosting services makes that process easier, and our select purpose-built data centers ensures your content and data is stored in a compliant managed environment.

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Website and Application Hosting

Has your business launched a new rich-media website or mobile application? Ensure that content and data outside of the interface can be stored and served up by a dedicated hosting provider who can sustain forecasted demand – and beyond. We have long-term and short-term service plans to suit you and your target audience.

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Managed Database Hosting

Business executives are finding new ways to leverage their disparate repositories of data to make innovative decisions and grow their business. Cogeco Peer 1 supports leading database platforms including MySQL and Microsoft SQL 2016 to enable our customers’ corporate applications and business intelligence initiatives.

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Infrastructure Hosting Services

Our MPLS and FastFiber Network® networks connect over 50 internet points of presence and 16 data centers, while benefitting from lucrative global peering exchange agreements. Our managed infrastructure services drive down latency and accelerate the flow of information to your employees and customers. We’ve globally invested in over 40,000 kilometers of high-speed cabling to ensure fast data delivery.

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Hybrid IT
  • Maintain applications, data, and workloads from your premises, a public cloud, or a private cloud
  • Deploy other applications, data, and workloads to public or private clouds.
  • Maintain multiple development, integration and production environments, as well as backup, site recovery, and disaster recovery solutions.

If you are interested in contracting Cloud computing services for your server and/or storage hardware, but need additional content, application or data management capacity, visit our Hybrid IT Services page.

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Managed Storage

Web applications demand innovative, scalable storage infrastructure. Striking a balance between performance, stability and affordability establishes a roadmap for your business’s long-term storage future. Cogeco Peer 1 offers managed, configurable, shared and dedicated storage options, as well as direct attached storage servers and network attached storage servers.

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Cogeco Peer 1 Hosting Benefits

High Performance Computing Platform

Whether you host a single server with Cogeco Peer 1 or a cluster of them, rest assured with speed and reliability.

Flexible Storage Options

Configurable shared and dedicated storage for your critical data.

Advanced Monitoring

A comprehensive, simple-to-use monitoring solution to quickly identify and help remediate any problems.

Expert design and support

Our in-house team of experts will ensure your hosted environment will meet your needs today and be scalable enough to sustain business growth well into the future.

PCI-DSS Compliant Hosting

Our facilities, infrastructure, and practices meet the requirements of the latest payment card security standards, providing our customers with complete peace of mind.

Bare Metal Laas

Maintain administrative control over your collocated systems while delegating hardware maintenance tasks to our Network Operations Center team.

The FirstCall Promise™

Our FirstCall Promise™ means you make just one call to our support team, and we’ll start working on your issue immediately.
  • Make a single call to support.
  • Our support team will try to assist on the phone
  • If there’s a problem with your infrastructure, our team of Level II and Level III system administrators will get to work to make it right – as soon as possible.