Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Services
A millisecond in delay can make all the difference, resulting in thousands of dollars lost in financial transactions. With Cogeco Peer 1, you get to experience the next generation of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) wavelength services designed to deliver an incredible performance and micro- millisecond latency. So whether it’s data center to data center, or data center to bid transactions, you need a network that can handle the pace and speed at which your business needs to move.


  • Experience speed and ultra-low latency like never before with our dedicated DWDM wavelength services.
  • Transmit thousands of terabytes of data at incredible speed with 10Gbps wavelengths, delivered over a 100G core backbone.
  • We keep our promises and back them up with an ironclad Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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