Download Cogeco Peer 1's Map Of The Internet app and experience the most inspiring and educational 3D visualization of the digital landscape ever created.

Just trace your finger around the globe and you’ll be able to:

Follow The Data: Explore every node that connects web sites around the world and discover the speed required to do everything from social media sharing to processing financial transactions.

Learn Who’s Who (and Where): Search the companies, domains and other details about the many players who have made the Internet central to daily life.

Travel In Time: From the launch of Google, Napster and Wikipedia to Snapchat and Uber, journey back and forth through the Internet’s historical highlights.

It took an app small enough to fit on your smartphone to show just how big the Internet has become.

Download Map Of The Internet on iOS and Android.

CNNMoney called it “fascinating” and Network World described it as “outstanding” with a 5 Star rating and a great way to start a conversation or deepen your understanding of the internet’s evolution.