Content Delivery/Distribution Network (CDN) Services

Content Delivery Networking (CDN) accelerates the delivery of your rich media and data

The Cogeco Peer 1 Limelight Orchestrate Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by relocating content from the cloud to multiple network locations worldwide – closer to your end user customers and content consumers. Starting in our innovative delivery centers – connected by a private, fiber-optic internet network – and linked directly with more than 700 user access networks hosted around the world. Ensure your users keep coming back for more of your valuable insights and content.


  • Instant, global accessibility from a dedicated, private fiber-optic network
  • Massive scalability for when your content is in highest demand
  • Consistent delivery to any device or location, despite challenging network conditions
  • Rapid cloud CDN deployment and configuration
  • Deep expertise, with over a decade of industry leadership
  • 24/7/365 service-focused support and monitoring unmatched by other CDN providers
  • Robust security with user-defined access parameters