Cloud Connect for ExpressRoute

Get more from your Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute cloud-only or Hybrid IT ecosystems

Cogeco Peer 1 and Azure ExpressRoute are the ideal duo to turbo-charge your cloud. With a secure and dedicated connection between your on premise networks and the Microsoft Azure cloud, you will eliminate threats when using enterprise cloud applications over a public network.

Together with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, we eliminate gaps that are typically associated with the public internet such as privacy, availability, throughput, or latency. We do this by creating a private cloud connection between Microsoft Azure, your data centers, and your application users.


Cogeco Peer 1’s unique end-to-end network capabilities and ExpressRoute deliver all the benefits of public cloud.
You can:
  • Bypass internet, access Bottlenecks, and leverage Cogeco Peer 1’s 1,800 on-net buildings, 50+ POPs to connect your users directly to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Secure your Azure environment: eliminate internet attack vulnerabilities by creating a 100% private IP network and office cloud
  • Manage Cloud costs: no more usage based inbound/outbound data transfer costs
  • Enjoy a seamless Hybrid IT: easily integrate existing infrastructure with seamless, low latency connectivity for your cloud server
  • Trust in a SLA backed performance: benefit from a comprehensive, industry leading SLA with 99.999% core network availability