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Benefit from innovative outsourced hybrid IT infrastructures

Rest assured that you can still maintain a measure of control over your technology infrastructure even while migrating some of your operations to a trusted third-party solution.

For many businesses, hybrid IT services include IT reductions, greater technological agility, and the ability to prioritize information management over infrastructure maintenance. For others, it involves running select business applications in the cloud, while running other hardware and software assets on premise, in a colocation facility, or in a a managed hosting data center.

Most businesses around the world are already running their applications and data with a combination of cloud services, including their own infrastructure or managed servers.

Has your business yet to benefit from innovative outsourced hybrid IT infrastructures? Rest assured that you can still maintain a measure of control over your technology infrastructure even while migrating some of your operations to a trusted third-party solution.

Cogeco Peer 1’s team of experienced consultants and infrastructure engineers will work with your leadership team. Together, you’ll create a blueprint and long-term roadmap of the best hybrid IT infrastructure for your business. Our team of dedicated experts understand that numerous factors dictate whether applications and data should run on-premise, or by an infrastructure services provider:

  • Regional laws
  • Company policies
  • The architecture of legacy systems and/or volume of structured and unstructured data
  • Requirements for process/application integration, remote access and security
  • Speed and reliability of bandwidth
  • Employee, customer or other user needs for content and data access by mobile or desktop devices

What makes Cogeco Peer 1 your ideal Hybrid IT management partner? We’ll innovate your business with our FastFiber Network®, state-of-the art data colocation facilities, and our hosting and cloud services. Our experienced support team and trusted Network Services Center personnel ensures your technology, data and applications are always available, secure and reliable. Our Service Level Agreement terms guarantee it.

Industry analysts agree – Hybrid IT is the right business solution.

An IDC survey of IT executives in Canada, the United States, Latin America and the United Kingdom found that half to three-quarters of large businesses are already running hybrid IT environments. The survey reports that this percentage will increase over the next year.

Based on the survey findings, IDC recommends that businesses contract with managed technology services providers who can design and deliver optimized hybrid IT solutions and services. By doing so, they can realize not only IT cost savings and efficiencies, but also overall business growth objectives, and increased agility and innovation.

The large workloads, and business-critical nature of some, makes it difficult to see an obvious route to take.

Cogeco Peer 1’s free Application Prioritization Analysis tool has been specially developed with IDC to help identify which of your IT workloads should be switched from priority to an innovative and reliable third-party infrastructure, whether it be colocation, managed hosting or cloud.

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It assesses each IT workload in terms of Ease of Migration vs. Business Value in just three simple steps. You’ll receive a custom report with your analyzed applications prioritized with benefits vs. ease of migration chart.

Try our free Application Prioritization Analysis tool now and take the first step on your Hybrid IT Optimization journey.

Are you looking to start your partnership with Hybrid IT by investing in a highly secure data center? Better your operations with fast, reliable data while optimizing your information and application services with cooling and redundant power. Discover the benefits and advantages of Cogeco Peer 1’s Colocation Services.

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