With the pace at which technology is evolving, it’s common place for misconceptions or myths to spread and gain ground. This is particularly true of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), as outlined in one of our previous blogs.

By 2021, industry analyst firm IDC predicts that SD-WAN will reach $8 billion in infrastructure and services. This figure is based upon the fact that SD-WAN technology is uniquely optimised to meet the growing requirements of cloud computing and adoption of the technology across enterprise and service providers will help drive the market.

However, there can often be a chasm between what analysts forecast and what is actually happening on the ground. While many businesses are charging ahead with SD-WAN deployment, there are many more, which stymied by a lack of understanding and galvanised by misperceptions, believe the myths that surround SD-WAN technology.

According to our recent study, UK businesses are in-fact holding back on SD-WAN deployment because of these unfounded myths.

  • Most common misconceptions highlighted in the study were security concerns (42%), cost concerns (38%) and a fear of disruption to day-to-day businesses (35%).
  • Followed by concerns about a lack of skills to implement (34%) and worries about a lack of understanding around the technology itself (26%).

The study, which harvested the opinions of 300 UK based IT decision-makers across the education, financial services, and retail sectors, revealed that the education sector is the most concerned about security issues (47%), followed by retail (43%) and then the financial services (36%) sector.

Over the next 12 months, network security (61%) was identified as the top priority for IT decision-makers across the board, with improving cloud performance (44%) and improving application performance (44%) in joined second. In third came increasing network agility (41%) as a key priority for businesses over the next year. It’s reassuring to see enterprises prioritising increased security, application performance, and increased cloud usage, as all of which can be addressed with SD-WAN technology.

The study further revealed that businesses understand the pivotal role SD-WAN can play in their digital transformation journey, with 74% of respondents believing the technology is crucial to enabling the process. It also highlighted that the technology is seen as the future of connectivity – with 77% of IT decision-makers believing it will ultimately take over the WAN landscape in the future.

The purpose of this research is to dispel the misconceptions and myths currently surrounding SD-WAN technology, and educate customers of its benefits in supporting business growth. The harsh reality is that there are clearly a number of perceived risks that are holding back UK businesses, however it’s time for the technology industry to come together and educate businesses about the benefits SD-WAN brings.

If the industry doesn’t unite, there is a real danger that businesses will be left behind and unable to fulfil their full potential.

For more information regarding this study, download our eBook ‘SD-WAN: Myth Busting’.