Concept emerged in the 1990s, outsourcing means the fact to outsource all or part of its IT resources and services from a specialist provider . This is both a physical host and a company able to manage and exploit the resources entrusted to him by a length and a level of service defined by contract.

3 outsourcing levels

Three levels can be distinguished in outsourcing: delegated maintenance, infrastructure management and outsourcing of complete functions that can also be combined. The decision to use outsourcing implies a precise analysis of the functions and resources should be entrusted to the provider. It also requires a serious assessment of the outsourcer by consulting its customer references, by visiting its premises and through discussion with technicians.

Provide oversight and continuous monitoring

Beyond a precise and argued response to the specification written by the client company, the outsourcing contract must be a genuine commitment to confidence between the two parties , with clear performance criteria, levels of availability and demanding guaranteed 24/7. Above all, provide oversight and continuous monitoring should be available to the IT department of the customer service whose competence and responsibility must necessarily remain intact.