Accommodation and virtualization e-commerce platforms is a serious and irreversible trend but it poses new security problems. Pressing business strategy, that is his tool sales and transaction, on an IT infrastructure which we are not the only user and whose daily management is delegated to people outside the company, has raised questions and new concerns among CIOs. It should die during questioning and analyzing the services offered by his host.

Backup sensitive data

Data backup is the company’s life insurance. This is the basic precaution which theoretically puts away a failure of machine or software corruption. However, an internal backup system the company is not enough. To be truly effective, it must be replicated on the outside, in a technically competent host and provided with the necessary material resources, which, itself, will be supported by security on two remote sites.

Backup on the private or public cloud

The backup can be hosted outside the enterprise, IT resources placed his own, but it can also coexist with other guests in a virtualized infrastructure with platform application available as a cloud. This design is not monolithic: private clouds is sub-categorized into internal private clouds, managed directly by companies for their own needs, and external private clouds, managed by independent hosting companies but exclusively for its thereof. As for public clouds, they designate the specialized hosts who rent their services to multiple enterprises. The choice between these formulas, economically differentiated, can modulate the level of sharing that one is prepared to make when the debate focuses on safety over cost.

Backup and recovery of data

An online backup system must also protect data that resides on your hosted servers, with daily or weekly defined according to their criticality, an incremental mode recording or differential, permanent access to the process via a web console, the notifications end process transmitted by email, free information retrieval in case of trouble and of course a double accommodation. The backup must be completed by a Bare Metal Restore Service (BMR) if we want to keep a complete copy of all configuration settings and enable fast recovery.

PCI DSS certification

Once a company practice e-commerce, it must comply with the principles of the security of banking data and its host and be certified to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This implies to offer online shops approved a hosting environment PCI DSS Compliant, totally secure with regard to the exchange and storage of data, including credit cards. The host undertakes to comply twelve mandatory rules that determine its certification and its commitment to implement the procedures and technologies securing each stage of a purchase.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing of IT

The fact that outsource all or part of its IT resources and services in a specialized service provider can achieve three levels: the delegate maintenance, infrastructure management and outsourcing of complete functions. The host must therefore be both a physical location suitable to the function (physical, energy protection, etc.) and a company able to manage and use resources entrusted to it or it makes available in under a contract that defines the duration and level of service.

Recourse to experts of the accommodation

The decision to use outsourcing requires a precise analysis of the functions should be entrusted to the provider. It also requires a careful assessment of the outsourcer which involves careful study of his references, visits to its premises and interviews with technicians. Beyond a precise answer and argued to your specifications, the outsourcing contract must be a real commitment of trust between the two parties, with clear performance criteria, levels demanding availability and guaranteed 24/7. To look after this performance, the IT department of the originator must have a management console and permanent monitoring.

Focus on his heart craft

Accommodation quality managed hosting implies to adapt to specific business needs by developing tailored solutions providing security, resilience and a high level of performance in the service of strategic business sites and online applications. Excellence should not just be ordinary everyday but should also be the rule for special operations such as promotional campaigns. Hosting and outsourcing services must be customized but flexible, to provide all the serenity required by company management that aims ultimately to focus primarily on his heart craft.