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Don't let a crisis become a disaster. Cogeco Peer 1's backup and recovery solutions keep your business running without interruption.

Backup and disaster recovery looks different for every business. What works for one organization does not necessarily address the pressing issues of another. You have to diligently assess the risks associated with downtime – especially revenue, lead generation and reputation, weighing them against the costs of implementing a DR strategy that meets your desired recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO and RTO). This is where the friction occurs and, more often than not, businesses are forced to severely compromise or abandon their DR solution for budgetary reasons. The cost of downtime is estimated at close to $90,000 per hour.

Cogeco Peer 1’s backup and recovery allows you the freedom to pragmatically build and scale your Backup & DR solution component-by-component, rather than forcing you into an expensive and inflexible solution. Our backup and recovery solutions facilitate the migration of data, services and operating environments to an off-site backup infrastructure for primary site recovery and restoration after a disaster. We incorporate technology that allows for seamless ongoing replication of that data over time and across geographic distances. In addition, our expert staff can provide fully-managed recovery of your servers, configuring them to run within our cloud environment until you can restore operations at your primary data center.


  • Maintain peace of mind and optimal performance with a backup and recovery plan that is designed to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Mitigate data loss with a robust recovery plan that gets you up and running fast with minimum business interruption.
  • Our people are experts in the industry, and live within the heartbeat of your organization. We dedicate real people to help solve real challenges, so that you can focus on growing your business.
  • From start-ups to the Fortune 100, customers around the world trust us to host, manage, secure and protect their most critical IT assets.

US businesses lose over $12B per year because of data loss, with hardware or system failure accounting for 78% of all data loss.1

93% of companies that lost their data center for 10+ days due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year.2

The cost of downtime is estimated at close to $90,000 per hour.

1. Source: ADR Data Recovery study
2. Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington


  • File, VM or Application-level Backup
  • Backup to Disk
  • Tape Archival
  • Tailored Disaster Recovery
  • GroundUp Recovery
  • Live Backups for Microsoft SQL Server
“Our hosting business is vital to our day-to-day operation. The level of service Cogeco Peer 1 provides lets us assure our customers that they will never be offline due to an interruption in power, breach of security or loss of internet connectivity. Their service and support has played a significant role in the growth of our business.”
Steve Haire, Sales Manager, Iboza
“The competition didn’t even come close when compared with the kind of involvement, helpfulness, patience and knowledge we received from Cogeco Peer 1.”
James Kennedy, Managing Director of Finance and Operations, iMason



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