Comprehensive Security

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Cogeco Peer 1 is passionate and determined about your security

At every level, within every physical location, and across all our network, cloud and hosting platforms, we provide a range of robust and up-to-date security measures, as well as additional value-added security services.

Digital threats are on the rise, with more advanced malware and higher profiled attacks.

Tired of the one size fits all approach of current cloud providers? Free yourself from the complexity and overhead of trying to fit your business, IT process, and applications to the cloud.  We offer a comprehensive, expertly-managed range of cutting-edge cloud solutions that are tailored fit your business and keep you secured, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Protecting customer data is more and more important for enterprises.

It’s hard to run a business with today’s demanding customers. Cogeco Peer 1 enables business with both the flexibility and controls it needs.  With the right cloud solution, you can achieve a powerful business advantage.

Secure, scalable, high-performance Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Need the public cloud to work with your private cloud and prem-based infrastructure? With our Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure solutions, you can combine private and public clouds environments and dedicated servers to get the best and most secure infrastructure for your organization. Achieve a unified computing environment to optimize IT and application delivery.

Backup and Recovery

Cogeco Peer 1’s backup and recovery allows you the freedom to pragmatically build and scale your Backup & DR solution component-by-component, rather than forcing you into an expensive and inflexible solution.

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“With over 6.5 million members in a massive multiplayer environment, having a stable, scalable and reliable network is critical to our success.”
Nicolas Lee, Chief Technology Officer, WoozWorld

Network Perimeter and Remote Access Security

Managed Firewalls

Cogeco Peer 1 offers a range of network perimeter firewalls—both dedicated and shared (virtual), and managed or unmanaged—to protect your colocation, hosting and cloud solution platforms.

DDoS Shield

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Shield provides real-time protection for your applications and cloud platforms against a range of known and emerging network security threats.

Remote Access and VPN Services

Cogeco Peer 1 offers highly secure, flexible and cost-effective IPSEC network solutions for your organization that’s easy to administer and will adapt to your changing business needs.

Compliance Services

PCI DSS Compliant Hosting

Cogeco Peer 1 makes compliance easy by providing colocation and managed hosting options that meet the stringent security requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). All our PCI DSS facilities are regularly audited by an independent third party to ensure that both the infrastructure and administration practices are certified as a Level 1 service provider, the highest standard of assurance offered.

Vulnerability Scans

Cogeco Peer 1 offers a range of security scans and professional services consultations to ensure that your services are fully secure at all times. Including PCI DSS compliant vulnerability scans based on Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) certified technology.

Application Hosting and Security

Web Application Firewalls

Cogeco Peer 1’s vigilant Web Application Firewall (WAF) acts behind your perimeter firewall to detect unexpected behavior and data patterns, protecting the applications themselves from malicious traffic, and ensuring maximum uptime.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates from a trusted Certificate Authority, such as Symantec™, confirm to your website visitors that you are an actual legitimate business and that it’s safe to share personal data with you.

Hardened Operating Systems

Removing elements from core operating systems that are unnecessary for your specific applications improves performance and reliability while also reducing the number of potential security vulnerabilities. Cogeco Peer 1 offers both Windows and Linux hardened OS configurations.

Log Monitoring

Cogeco Peer 1 provides log-monitoring tools that enable you to detect security issues in real-time, and respond before there are any negative consequences. You can search across logs, to tie events together in multiple systems, and also review and respond to incidents, helping you meet compliance requirements.

IT Services Security

Managed Web Content Filtering

Cogeco Peer 1’s managed web content filtering service blocks unsafe URLs and unwanted data at the internet gateway, preventing it from entering your network. It enables you to protect your users from undesirable content and also to apply acceptable browser usage policies.

Managed Anti-virus & Anti-spam

The managed anti-virus and anti-spam service from Cogeco Peer 1 protects you against viruses, worms and Trojans that spread via e-mail. It filters your e-mail at the Internet level, blocking unwanted messages before they impact on your local network.

Infrastructure Security

Data Center Security

Cogeco Peer 1 has a global fleet of world-class data centers located across North America and Europe, all with highly robust physical security features to ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access.

Network Security

Cogeco Peer 1 constantly scans its Fast Fiber Network™ for anomalous traffic patterns and security threats, taking immediate action to identify and stop any malicious activity.