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Keeping your power databases meticulously managed for peak performance with round-the-clock monitoring, management, maintenance and support.

Keeping your databases fine-tuned for peak performance is no easy task. But we’ll make it look that way. Our team of experts works in harmony with yours, delivering the support and insights to help manage your databases.

Cogeco Peer 1 Database Management is a comprehensive, fully-managed solution that helps with the monitoring of Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL databases, so you can focus on managing your core business. Our Managed Services are based on an ITIL-defined Service Management Framework that adopts a well-defined process for the delivery and management of IT services. Our team of trusted experts focus on helping to simplify the management of databases, with configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting, allowing you to free up resources and realize significant operational savings.

Put precious time back in your day, as our experienced team keeps your databases running smoothly 24/7.


  • Free up resources and recover precious time in your day.
  • Experience incredible database performance with a team of dedicated database architects ensuring day-to-day tasks are well planned and well executed.
  • Rely on valuable insights from a team of highly-qualified experts who understand the importance of the database to your business.
  • Count on people who are ready to tackle any challenge, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Partner with a company trusted by customers around the world, from start-ups to the Fortune 1000, to host, manage, secure and protect their most critical IT assets.

Meticulously Managed IT.

Experience unparalleled performance with databases that are finely tuned and perfectly optimized.


  • Oracle Database Management
  • MS SQL Database Management
  • MySQL Database Management
“Our hosting business is vital to our day-to-day operation. The level of service Cogeco Peer 1 provides lets us assure our customers that they will never be offline due to an interruption in power, breach of security or loss of Internet connectivity. Their service and support has played a significant role in the growth of our business.”
Steve Haire, Sales Manager, Iboza Limited