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Microsoft SQL Server delivers mission-critical performance.

Rapid expansion of business data creates an immediate challenge. It is critical for businesses to keep up with database growth in a reliable and cost-effective way, while protecting their data against failure and maintaining operational efficiency. At the same time, highly competitive businesses must obtain business intelligence (BI) from their data. Trust that your database is ample, affordable and available anytime with a hosted Microsoft SQL Server from Cogeco Peer 1.

Make critical decisions based on live data with a hosted SQL Server. The experts at Cogeco Peer 1 elevate our best-in-class technology and FastFiber Network™, empowering you to integrate corporate and cloud data and access it in real time. Global load balancing, data replication, bare metal recovery and geographically dispersed data centers, combined with the latest data management and recovery tools in SQL Server, enable Cogeco Peer 1 to offer world-class business continuity. Each hosted solution is fully customizable, affordable, built to scale and evolve, and backed by our experts.

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A new standard for mission critical databases and end-to-end business intelligence with cloud-ready technologies and solutions.

  • Expanded Audit
  • Power View for stunning interactive data visualizations
  • Credible, consistent data via BI Semantic Model & Data Quality Services
  • Unified development, SQL Server Data Tools
  • Scale across on-premises and cloud, built-in
  • ColumnStore Index for up to 10x DW performance gains
  • 15K Partitions

SQL Server 2014 builds upon the strengths of SQL 2012 with new performance gains and unmatched cloud functionality.

  • In-Memory Built In – 30% faster transactions
  • Enhanced Security and Scalability with Windows Server 2012
  • Highest Availability
  • Increased Business Intelligence Functionality
  • Faster Insight into Critical Data

Add real-time operational analytics, rich visualizations on mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, new advanced security technologies, performance improvements and new hybrid cloud capabilities.

  • Domain Independent Availability Groups
  • Always Encrypted
  • PolyBase
  • Mobile Reports
  • Stretch Database
  • Backup to Azure
  • In-Memory OLTP enhancements


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Hosted Solution Features

New features for SQL Server 2016 build upon SQL Server 2014 to provide significant gains in performance, security and data insight capabilities, all backed by the experts at Cogeco Peer 1, a trusted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Hybrid Cloud Databases

SQL 2016 adds Stretch Database functionality to transparently trickle cold data to cost effective Azure storage, while keeping the most frequently used hot data on hand – helping to balance performance and cost.

In-Memory Built In

Up to 30% faster transactions with In-Memory OLTP
Over 100x query performance gains with In-Memory ColumnStore

High Availability and Simplified Management

Cross-data-center failover of SQL Server instances and Recovery Advisor allows your business to be Always On.

Enhanced Security & Scalability

Builds upon the strength of SQL Server 2014 by adding row level security to mask sensitive data with minimal application changes and Always Encrypted technology in Enterprise edition to ensuring data is encrypted at rest or in motion – all reducing the risk profile – SQL Server has remained the least vulnerable database for 6 years in a row.

Continual Data Access

Run server updates without interrupting business operations. Availability Groups maximize access. Failover clustering and support for multisite clustering across subnets mean your applications stay online, even if you lose a site or cluster. SQL Server 2016 builds upon this by allowing AlwaysOn Availability Groups to have replicas on Azure virtual machines.

Data Recovery

Cogeco Peer 1’s managed backup service securely takes a copy of your critical data and stores it elsewhere should the worst happen, providing you with peace of mind that your mission critical data can be restored.

Mobile BI

Lightning fast queries and reports with rich visualizations on all mobile devices with Mobile BI – get your reports in minutes, not days.


Combines non-relational and relational data, all within SQL Server. Using T-SQL statements you can query, import or export data between relational tables in SQL server and non-relational data stored in Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage.

R Services

The R language is typically used by data scientists to explore large datasets and build predictive models from their workstation. ScaleR API’s provided as part of R Services (In-database) allow the computations to be pushed to the SQL Server, avoiding costly and insecure data movement.

Data Volume Management Optimization

Semantic Search and other built-in data features boost query performance across massive data sets.

15K Partitions from SQL Server 2012

The expanded number of partitions in SQL Server 2012 supports significantly faster queries that don’t degrade overall system performance.

Enhanced Data Compression

Row and page compression for tables and indexes, configurable per partition, helps shrink data volumes by 50-60%, accelerating the performance of I/O intensive workloads.

Enhanced Data Insight

Faster data analysis with MS Office and Office 365.

Semantic Search

Extend full-text search capabilities by enabling text-based and meaning-based queries.

ColumnStore Indexing

Integrated batch processing, segmentation elimination, and a highly compressed indexing format produce a 10-100x performance gain with complex BI queries.

Crescent Rapid Data Discovery & Self-Service Business Intelligence

Deliver highly interactive, web-based capabilities for exploring, visualizing, and presenting data for users of all levels.

Optimize Your Operations

Get the Most From Your Data

Mobile Reporting and Business intelligence (BI) tools provide new ways of seeing your mission critical data, giving you the business insights you need to run and grow your operations.

Focus on Your Core Business

Consolidation and virtualization features reduce TCO while protecting your data and improving its availability.

Go to the Cloud on Your Terms

SQL Server 2016 offers the agility to rapidly create scalable solutions so your IT can keep pace with new business opportunities in the public cloud.

Depend on Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Expertise 

Solution Design Consultation and 24x7x365 Support

Cogeco Peer 1 infrastructure experts have experience supporting a vast and diverse array of customers leveraging SQL Server to address the most demanding big data challenges on the platform. Work with us to design, deploy, maintain and secure an optimized infrastructure solution that meets your unique business needs.


Microsoft SQL Server Benefits

The benefits of hosted SQL Server are focused squarely on helping companies like yours achieve powerful, cost-effective and secure data management operations as you need them.

Mission-Critical Performance

With OLTP In-Memory Built-In, SQL Server 2016 now provides up to 30x increase in transactional performance and 100x faster queries.

A Secure Database Platform

Protect your data in motion and at rest with Always Encrypted technology and mask sensitive data with minimal application impact using the Dynamic Data Masking function. SQL Server is the most secure database for six years running in the NIST vulnerabilities database.

Safeguarding Your Data

Today’s failover and recovery tools allow your data to be accessible and your business to be AlwaysOn.

Big Data Analytics and Insights

SQL Server’s intuitive BI features make it easy for users to explore new insights into even the largest data sets, readily visualize the data, and share key insights with other users, on all mobile devices.

Accelerate Deployment and ROI

Without investing in unnecessary hardware, you can smoothly scale up or down as your workloads and needs change.

Leverage State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Powered by our fully redundant FastFiber Network™ data centers across the US, UK and Canada, and our portfolio of managed add-on services, your SQL Server solution will leverage the same infrastructure that many Fortune 1,000 companies rely on every day.

Rely on Expert Support

Our team of SQL Server experts is available 24/7 to ensure that your database solution runs smoothly and securely. We’re ready to help with everything from designing the ideal solution to handling the many important day-to-day tasks that are crucial to keeping your solution running at peak performance.


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 DBA Services

Hiring a qualified database engineer to manage your database in-house can be expensive and there is no guarantee they will be available 24/7 to protect your database from avoidable downtime. Cogeco Peer 1 can help you guarantee the support you need. By working with a team of Cogeco Peer 1 Database Solutions Engineers and Certified Database Administrators, you get complete coverage at all times.

As part of our Database Administration Program, we offer four DBA service plans—each designed to give you the specific support you need to ensure your database remains online, all the time.

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