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Global Reach, Local Touch. Data gets to where it needs to be — no matter where or when it's needed.

The world we live in is rapidly changing and you need to ensure that your business has the platforms that prepare it for the future. At the heart of this change is the network that connects us all together and accelerates extraordinary growth. The network today has been the backbone to thousands of companies around the world.

With thousands of peering partners the Cogeco Peer 1 FastFiber Network is at the heart of this digital revolution and delivers data across the globe for some of the world’s most ambitious companies. Our investments into designing, building and evolving our proprietary global network has grown to spans multiple continents and supports petabytes of data.

Very few IT providers own their own networks — and only Cogeco Peer 1 has successfully run and refined one for over a decade. With 10 Gbps lightning fast speeds, redundant links, and resilient platform delivered over an intelligent converged core our customers experience incredible speed at performance with ultra-low latency for the most demanding applications.

Our global network operations center (NOC) experts support customers every minute of every day and continuously monitor and re-route data for optimal low-latency routes.

With thousands of kilometers of fast internet fiber that links together our global data centers in Europe and North America we help deliver our customers data to wherever it needs to get to. We operate and manage it all.


Now you can easily expand your Local Area Network with our Metro LAN service – the reliable, scalable and cost-effective service designed to increase efficiency.

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Managed Ethernet

Our 10G Managed Ethernet services provide a next-generation network that will transform and empower your company for extraordinary growth.

Managed Ethernet


Our Managed IP VPN service offers a fully-managed network infrastructure for your organization that is cost-effective, flexible and easy to administer. Equally important, our managed services are future-ready, designed to evolve and easily work with new technologies.

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With speeds ranging from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps and beyond, we provide you with high-speed internet services that deliver incredible performance, reliability and speed for your most demanding applications.

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With Cogeco Peer 1, you get to experience the next generation of wavelength services designed to deliver incredible performance and micro-millisecond latency.

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  • One Stop – From global data centers to our FastFiberTM low-latency network, and everything in between. We help keep your business running online, all the time. No exception. No excuse.
  • Global Reach – Wherever you are, wherever your customers are, our solutions bring you closer. We operate and manage it all. A single global provider that operates and manages everything from the data center to the network and everything in between.
  • Direct connections from Cogeco Peer 1 to the biggest networks in the world.
  • Fewer hops mean that your traffic takes the shortest and fastest route possible to your Customers, resulting in lower latency of your traffic.
  • If an upstream provider has an issue, your traffic is not impacted as thousands of alternate routes are available.
  • Dedicated network for Cogeco Peer 1 customers only, so traffic routes are as uncluttered, fast and secure as possible with optimized routing.
  • Global Network Operations Center that is watching your traffic every minute of every day to ensure it successfully reaches its destinations.
  • Built with our server network and infrastructure in mind, our AnyCast DNS service helps you speed up your business traffic even more.
  • MPLS and IPv6 Ready

Powerful global backbone that keeps applications online, all the time. No Exception, No Excuses.

“We recently switched to Cogeco Peer 1 and were amazed with their fast response time and overall customer service.”
Randy Laporte, President, Motto



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