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100% in Canada, secure, scalable, high performance multi-tenant cloud enterprise optimized technology infrastructure.

Virtual Data Center with available Microsoft Hyper-V and vSphere from Vmware offers you scalable, enterprise-class on-demand services for your compute, storage and backup services requirements. Hosted 100% in Canada within our state-of-the-art data centers, Virtual Data Center solutions deliver high performance, scalability and security to meet the unique demands of your Canadian business.

Available Geo-Redundant Disaster Recovery

Available as a geo-redundant public cloud platform, the Virtual Data Center is physically deployed at two data centers in Canada with fully-managed failover and recovery. Your data and information is 100% duplicated between our primary and secondary data centers. We manage your disaster recovery process, including replication of virtual machines between the data centers, declaration of a disaster, and failover of the VDC and its virtual machines — all without changing a single IP address in your application stack.

Performance Guaranteed

Fine-tune application performance by assigning different storage tiers and IOPS to different machines—all within a single VDC. Our Virtual Data Centers ensures that each virtual machine has the correct storage resources and IOPS it requires to manage the performance requirements for whatever application it’s hosting.

Pricing Simplicity and Predictability

Cogeco Peer 1 provides you with flexible, simple subscription options that cater to customer requirements and provide the predictability to manage on-demand scaling. You can subscribe to our Virtual Data Center on a reservation or pay-per-use model without worrying about using your budgets for managing legacy infrastructure. Simple, intuitive subscription models that give you more visibility and control of your budgets.

Flexible Configurations and Control

With access to VDC, customers can dynamically spin up and spin down virtual machines within a Virtual Data Center. The solution puts you in control of your environment and gives you the ability to create temporary virtual machines for lab, testing, staging, production and other scenarios. Technical users can easily administer the virtual machines without worrying about billing implications when adding additional vCPU, RAM or Storage.


Dual Enterprise Hypervisors

Available Microsoft Hyper-V and Vmware VCenter virtualization technology ensures that your business application performs in the VDC Cloud. Manage both hypervisor technologies within a single, integrated portal.

Multiple Storage Tiers with Guaranteed IOPS

Choose from High Performance (SSD), Performance (SAS), and Standard (SATA) storage tiers and optimize the performance of your applications. Innovative storage technology from NetApp provides guaranteed storage performance backed by our industry-leading VDC SLA.

Available Fibre-based Data Network Interconnection

Elevate the security and performance of the cloud by connecting directly from your premises or data center to the VDC cloud with our National MetroLAN, IPVPN, or Wavelength network services.

Available Geo-Redundant Solutions

Keep your most critical applications running, even in the event of a critical data center failure. Get back-up and running with our SLA-backed RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective).

Available Managed IT

From infrastructure and operating systems to databases and applications, self-manage your application stack or let Cogeco Peer 1 manage your entire stack for you. It’s that simple.