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The power’s in your hands with the On Demand Cloud Platform™. Scale up capacity when you need it, keep it for as long as you need, and pay only for what you use.

The On Demand Cloud Platform is a True Native Hybrid Cloud™ solution, so you can provision pre-networked solutions with both Bare Metal Cloud Servers and Virtual Cloud Servers within minutes, and control them through a simple and intuitive control panel. All you need is a credit card to get started.

Design, Deploy, & Configure in an Instant.

Up and running within just a few minutes and fully configured to your exact requirements, the On Demand Cloud Platform™ allows you to get down to business. Build sophisticated solutions here and now with highly-automated, rapid service provisioning.

Easy Server Deployment.

The On Demand Cloud Platform™ enables you to specify and provision Bare Metal Cloud Servers and Virtual Cloud Servers within the US, Canadian or European data center of your choice.

Complete Application Stack

In addition, the On Demand Cloud Platform™ allows you to select from multiple operating systems and backup options, as well as deploy firewalls, all connected via a virtual private network.

Full Support Whenever you Need it.

Cogeco Peer 1 provides a wealth of support for its self-service control panel. There is an extensive knowledge-base and FAQs, as well as tool tips providing key recommendations to help you choose the right solution. Additionally, you can start a live chat at any time with one of our hosting consultants, and be guided through your choices in real-time.

Virtual Cloud Servers.

High availability, multi-tenancy servers that deliver real flexibility, instant scalability, and resilience against downtime for your business.

Bare Metal Cloud Servers.

An exclusive range of impressive and dedicated machines:

  • Precision Servers: Exactly the right amount of resources to achieve precise business goals;
  • Performance Servers: A flexible platform for sophisticated business applications and demanding websites; and
  • Power Servers: For business-critical applications and all but the most heavy-weight data-powered applications.

Flexible Range of Software

Software includes operating systems, databases and applications.

Private LAN

Enables you to create virtual networks and private, secure networks.

Robust Security

Prevents unwanted access with a configurable, multi-tenant firewall.

Rapid Backup

Copies files incrementally at block-level for extra speed.

Site to Site VPN

Enables you to streamline data between your networks.

Round the Clock Monitoring

Helps to prevent and resolve issues.

Virtual Cloud Servers — configure, order and get down to business.

Specify and order your Virtual Cloud servers in just a few easy steps.

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