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Whether your ambition is to launch the next buzz-worthy mobile application or migrate your most critical enterprise business applications, our global, enterprise-ready Mission Critical Cloud creates the perfect point of adoption.

In order for an enterprise to truly gain the benefits of a cloud, it may sometimes feel necessary to sacrifice other elements. Most public clouds promise utility-pricing and associated cost savings but require compromise to control, IT governance, availability and technologies.

Mission Critical Cloud is a VMware®-based public cloud platform that realizes all of the benefits expected of a cloud and matches them with the demand of a global enterprise.

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Elegant Orchestration

The highly visual and comprehensive control console of the Mission Critical Cloud enables users to establish groups of virtual machines with unique rules to intelligently organize, scale, manage and control costs of large environments. And both the Blueprint template and scripting tool simplifies building out complex solutions and significantly reduces time and effort.

Powerfully Simple Automation

Whether scheduling maintenance, automating time-consuming tasks or setting up monitoring alerts, Mission Critical Cloud simplifies day-to-day work, minimizing errors and allowing your IT organization to devote itself to more strategic activities. The autoscaling feature gives you control over how your horizontal web applications and vertical business applications scale out and in.

Enterprise Policy & Security Ready

From the server cages and the gateways to the last bit of data, every aspect of the Mission Critical Cloud infrastructure is secure, protected and continually monitored. And role-based access controls give you the ability to extend and manage existing IT policies.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Whether you simply need to insure your cloud application’s data is backed up or you are looking to the cloud as a cost-effective means to support your business continuity and IT Disaster Recovery requirements, Mission Critical Cloud has your business covered.

“We’re a Fortune 1000 company with locations all over the world, so we wanted a substantial partner.”
David Turney, Sales and Marketing Web Communications Manager, Elsevier


Global Availability

Embed your application with your end users. Mission Critical Cloud is available in the following locations:

United States: Seattle, Santa Clara, Salt Lake City, Chicago, New York, Sterling

Asia: Singapore

Europe: Portsmouth, Slough, Frankfurt

Canada: Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Vancouver

Deployment Flexibility

Optimized for the demands of your business, define and apply your own data backup and retention policies to individual virtual machines, as well self-restore data during instances of loss. Leverage the reliability, security, and low cost of Mission Critical Cloud to protect your existing production data centers from disaster with our integrated Disaster Recovery.

Hyperscale Servers

Designed for distributed workloads that require maximum performance, Hyperscale Servers provide the ability to meet any increased demands on your system. Hyperscale offers the same computing and memory performance found in our standard virtual servers plus enterprise-class flash storage for fast and efficient processing.

Control Portal

An easy-to-use, visual administration console simplifies both day-to-day server management tasks and the creation of new servers and server groups. As you provision a new VM or group of VMs, a rate calculator displays both hourly and monthly costs, providing key reporting and alerts on bandwidth, CPU, RAM and disk utilization.

Role Based Access

Maintain your existing organization’s server, network, and security change management processes with Mission Critical Cloud’s integrated role-based access controls. Enable a line of business access to the cloud with account view and bill administrator access controls.


Vertical and horizontal autoscale policies allow for the automatic scaling of resource-based on user-defined thresholds. Based on these thresholds, vertical autoscale policies will add and remove CPU allocation to and from a given server, whereas horizontal autoscale policies power on and off instances within a (load balanced) group of servers.


The Mission Critical Cloud effectively protects every element of your environment—physical, virtual and bandwidth. This includes user authentication, network protection, data center physical security, and IDS and IDP monitoring of external data transmissions. All elements that are integral to the platform. The self-service Control Portal also allows you to set custom firewall policies to meet your specific business requirements. You can also secure access to your Mission Critical Cloud network’s using IPSEC VPNs.


Ensure that your virtual infrastructures are fully compliant with the most current standards for process and security. Physical security controls and logical security policies are audited to SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 standards. Audit trails are created and always visible through the Control Portal.