Managed Private Cloud

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Managed Private Cloud

Rigorous security, compliance and complexity with legacy applications mean dedicated infrastructure is sometimes your best option — and our Managed Private Cloud is the answer. With access to incredible, high-performance servers, as well as switching and storage technologies, you'll also be able to choose from our à la carte Managed IT services or our VMware or vCenter-based Managed Private Cloud. The result is lower CapEx and outstanding IT performance, every minute of the day, tailored to fit your unique business requirements.

Monster VMs.

Limits are a thing of the past. Our team of virtualization experts can create VMs with up to 64 CPUs, 1TB of storage and up to 36 Gbps network throughput to power even the most demanding workloads.

Optimized Cloud Storage Performance.

Our team of certified storage experts can design, integrate, and manage storage pools with different price, performance and SLA targets, enabling you to match your virtualized workload to the right cloud storage solution with ease.

Enhanced Reliability & Flexibility.

By leveraging features like vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, vSphere VMotion and VMware Storage VMotion, we can maximize hardware utilization, perform planned maintenance and dynamically allocate resources seamlessly and transparently for your users.