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Outstanding choice. Workload optimized. Global reach. Release the power of your cloud and transform your business performance.

Your business is unique, and your cloud should be too. Our choice of cloud platforms and cloud solutions provide you with the freedom and flexibility to design platforms that truly fit your applications.

The Freedom to Choose.

Tired of the one-size-fits-all approach of current cloud providers? Free yourself from the complexity and overhead of trying to fit your business, IT process, and applications to the cloud. We offer a comprehensive, expertly-managed range of cutting-edge cloud solutions that are tailored to fit your business, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Accelerate Business.

It’s hard to run a business with today’s demanding customers. A Cogeco Peer 1 cloud platform enables business with both the flexibility and controls it needs. With the right cloud solution, realize a powerful business advantage.

Need the Public Cloud to Work with your Private Cloud & Prem-based Infrastructure?

With our Hybrid Infrastructure solutions, you can combine public, bare metal, and private cloud environments to get the best hybrid infrastructure for your organization.

Deliver Business Agility with Security & Flexibility

Whether you choose public, private, hybrid, self-serve or a fully-managed cloud, what you enjoy is breathtaking IT freedom for the unstoppable business era.

On Demand Cloud

Deploy, scale, and manage True Native Hybrid Cloud™. Choose a bare metal, virtual server, or any combination of the two in an instant. Pay by the minute with the ultimate real-time, 100% self-service cloud.

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Mission Critical Cloud

A policy-based cloud that automatically self optimizes, scaling out and in of critical applications to meet dynamic global demands in real-time.

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Virtual Data Center

Deliver extraordinary IT agility, performance and availability while remaining compliant, secure, and 100% in Canada. The Canadian Public Cloud on your terms.

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Managed Private Cloud

Migrate your most demanding applications for the ultimate in availability, performance, compliance, and control with a bespoke dedicated cloud solution.

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Hybrid IT

A tailor-made combination of on premise, cloud and/or managed hybrid IT technology services for your business.

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