Each year the impact of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks gets bigger and harder to ignore. A study of 270 North American organizations, varying in size from 250 employees to 10,000+, shows the true costs and impact of DDoS attacks. The study gauged the organizations’ real experiences with these assaults. The infographic, shown below, pulls out the key highlights of the threat landscape.

With DDoS assaults on the rise, unfortunately, organizations are still only protecting themselves with outdated, recall-based solutions. Instead, they should be safe-guarding their businesses with solutions that provide real protection against unscheduled downtime and financial losses.

Organizations needs to be flexible and prepared. Those continuing to rely on existing protection solutions—or worse, no solution at all—will need to re-evaluate the risk to their business in light of the invasive threats.

Download the Cogeco Peer 1 white paper, DDoS Protection: Keeping Your Business Safe, for a seven-point strategy on how to improve your organisation’s DDoS defence, and minimise the risk of downtime and revenue loss.