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Why cloud is not a commodity

A couple of years back, conversations about the cloud were all around complexity, security and risk. What a difference a couple of years make; this incredibly powerful way of delivering a secure, scalable IT resource has now become an accepted mainstream approach for organisations, whether it’s public, private, or hybrid. While the industry has come a long way, the problem now is the rise of an equally shaky set of assumptions – that cloud is now, in effect, a commodity. By this token, all cloud offerings, like cats, look grey in the dark! This is far too simplistic. You’re not any old business – so don’t accept ‘any old cloud’ Here are some questions you should be asking your hosting provider: For a start, not all cloud hosting providers can offer you truly scalable cloud. Ask your cloud provider for the metrics, numbers and customer references to back this claim…

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IT needs to keep up with the pace of business in Montreal

Change is coming to Canada’s business community at a pace that is unprecedented, bringing with it challenges and opportunities for IT decision makers nation-wide. This is particularly true for businesses in Montreal, who face the perfect storm of proposed tax reforms, dramatic currency fluctuations, and debate about whether and how to exploit Canada’s oil resources. These macro-economic issues create uncertainty and unpredictability across the region. For IT decision makers, lack of clarity at board level can mean that budgets and business plans are delayed or put on hold. Meanwhile the demands placed on IT will only continue to escalate. In life there is a saying that the only thing that is certain is death and taxes. The IT equivalent would be that the only thing you can be sure of is increased security threats and the need for agility. Whilst Canada’s business leaders grapple with the options before them, this…

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Business continuity in Montreal is put to the test

Business continuity in Montreal is put to the test For IT professionals in Montreal, this is a vital time of the year. Gone are the chaotic schedules and unpredictable spikes in traffic caused by the holiday sales. Also, with luck, hurricane season is now behind us. This is usually the first time IT decision makers get a chance to stop and take stock of their objectives, strategies and plans for the year ahead. It is likely that most plans will be shaped by budget pressures, business changes, and anticipated risks. The Canadian economy is also likely to be affected by the currency exchange for the short, and possibly medium, term. This will affect procurement but may also lead to a surge in demand for companies that export. Equally, the current market conditions have attracted a great deal of interest from global businesses looking at investing in new facilities. Kirkland, Montreal,…

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