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Cogeco Peer 1 Renews Its Privacy Shield Certification

  With the EU General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018, Cogeco Peer 1 is pleased to announce that we have renewed our certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield Program and are publicly committed to complying with its requirements. This certification enables us to legally transfer personal data from the European Union to the United States while meeting EU data protection requirements. Read our privacy policy here: The European Commission introduced the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework in August 2016 to address the changing needs of data management and privacy, replacing the previous Safe Harbor Principles which had been deemed no longer robust enough. The Privacy Shield Principles comprise a set of seven commonly recognized privacy principles combined with 16 equally binding supplemental principles, which explain and augment the first seven. Collectively, these 23 Privacy Shield Principles lay out a set of requirements governing participating organizations’ use and treatment of personal data…

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No matter what form, disruption is coming for you in 2018

With the New Year here, we are all being inundated with hot takes on what happened in 2017 and what we can all expect from the technology industry in 2018. A quick look at some of these lists brings up a few familiar themes: artificial intelligence, cyber security, blockchain, machine learning, mobility, cloud computing. These are the trends that are going to be disrupting industries across the spectrum in 2018. Depending on which column you read, these technologies are either going to completely upend your business right now, or they’re not something to be worried about for a few years. But the bottom line is, whether you think it’s going to be one year or five years from now, your company is going to face disruption. It’s coming for you. Maybe you’re already seeing it, maybe you’ve planned for what you thought was coming. But even if you’re not sure…

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Security vulnerabilities affecting Intel, ARM and AMD processors

Cogeco Peer 1 is aware of the industry wide vulnerabilities affecting certain Intel, AMD and ARM processors. As a Hosting and Managed Services company, Cogeco Peer 1 houses many customer solutions ranging from colocation to managed infrastructure. Our engineering and security teams are working with key vendors to ensure our internal and customer environments are fully protected. We will provide communication to impacted customers and seek to minimize any impact as updates and patches are applied or made available. Our priority is to ensure that all our customer environments are secure and protected from the potential risks of this vulnerability.

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Mexico: The Emerging Tech Hub of Latin America

The culture of Silicon Valley has fascinated and transformed technology around the world. For years the technology revolution and innovation that has emerged from the Bay Area in northern California has been admired for the immense amounts of capital and futuristic building blocks it has created. However, the ever-growing and accelerating global demand for managed IT services means this San Francisco Bay hub is no longer enough. The world is beginning to look elsewhere; in fact, Latin America seems to already have its own tech gem in the making: Mexico. Mexico has more than 130,000 individuals graduating as engineers per year and has competitive operating costs close to those of the U.S. and is one of the largest economies in the region. In 2016, its seed capital investment averaged approximately USD$100,000. Startups that include apps for microcredit, real estate platforms, food delivery services and mobile payment services have represented some…

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A Look Ahead in IT: Innovation, Trends, and Threats in 2018

As 2017 comes to an end, tech firms are jumping ahead, opening their ears and minds to what is to come in the following twelve months. A year ago, the rage was augmented reality and digital twins. Hackers were still a big concern, and it was projected that they were going to continue doing what they do best; however, the magnitude of their work such as the Equifax breach and vote tampering surprised even the most pessimistic forecasters. 2018 will undoubtedly challenge, surprise, and bring about new innovations in the IT industry, but what can we expect in the next year? The New Look of Big Data: Intelligent & Connected One of the most significant developments for the coming year will be the evolution of blockchain, as Forrester predicts 30% of proofs of concept will pick up the pace for blockchain for the companies that are able to consider its…

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The Future of Women in STEM According to Jaime Leverton

Title: The Future of Women in STEM According to Jaime Leverton On November 29th, our very own Jaime Leverton, VP & GM Canada and APAC, was featured as a speaker at the Information Technology Association of Canada’s (ITAC) Women in Leadership session. Created in in partnership with Canadian Women in Communications and Technology (WCT), this speaker series was designed to showcase successful female role models from the technology world as thought leaders, to help encourage more women to seek our leadership roles. As someone who has been a driving force behind moving the needle on female participation and leadership in the ICT industry, Jaime was a natural choice. Below are highlights of Jaime’s discussion with Mary Whittle, Chair of ITAC’s Diversity Committee, which touch on her role as a transformational leader in an ever-changing environment, and how she handles her position in an industry that is lagging in female leadership….

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