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Great British Scaleup Programme partners with Cogeco Peer 1 for infrastructure support

From digital acorns do big tech companies grow. This is one great reason why it’s an honour to be chosen as the infrastructure services partner for TechMarketView’s Great British Scaleup Programme. The programme is aimed at supporting privately held, UK tech SMEs to accelerate their growth further with the help of external investment. Cogeco Peer 1 is the first tech partner to be chosen for the programme, and we’re going to be providing insight and support around cloud, hosting, colocation, security and network and connectivity solutions. In practice, this means an initial free infrastructure assessment provided by our solution engineers and network architects. Also, advice on technology mixes that are not only the best for current operations, but also provide a platform for rapid scale up in the future. Tech start-ups are faced with many challenges ranging from finding a suitable flexible contract and office accommodation to finance and transport…

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Shock and awe: the blockchain unpacked

A book review of The Business Blockchain  There’s nothing short of a revolution happening in world of business and computing, according to author William Mougayer. “If the blockchain has not shocked you yet,” he writes in his book, The Business Blockchain, “I guarantee it will soon.” His belief is that blockchain technology is the biggest technological breakthrough since the Internet – an instrument of social and political change with the potential of disrupting everything from commerce to financial services to the exchange of ideas and information. Blockchain technology of course is best known as the underpinning of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Employing a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange of data, a blockchain authenticates and permanently records every transaction on a distributed public ledger. It can only be sequentially updated, thereby ensuring that every single exchange of data can be continually reconciled, and cannot be erased. It is incorruptible. The essence of the…

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Cogeco Peer 1’s MPLS technology now available globally

Global network services gives customers the scalable, cost-effective and holistic solution they need to digitally transform their business  TORONTO, ONTARIO, June 22, 2017 – Cogeco Peer 1 today announced the expansion of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) connectivity services to customers in the United States and Europe, providing more businesses around the globe with a holistic solution that can help reduce IT complexity and enable digital transformation. “Cogeco Peer 1 MPLS enables businesses globally to leverage the best in cloud, hosting, colocation, managed IT, security and connectivity services together, through a single service provider, on one scalable, easy-to-manage network,” said Bertrand Labelle, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation. “In a digital age of data-hungry applications and cloud-based technologies, organizations now need powerful connectivity solutions that can keep up with the growing demand for seamless mobility solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and big data analytics capabilities.” According to Gartner, one of the…

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Artificial Intelligence: is it real?

What it means for business, government, and the individual For the very few of you who may be questioning whether Artificial Intelligence is here for real, it might be worth having a chat with Siri, Cortana, or Alexa. They’re always game for a conversation. Or at least, a command. The fact is, the field of AI has been around for decades. Today, with the continued growth of big data and the ability to quickly develop neural networks, AI is becoming more and more prevalent. And with the wider availability of toolkits, frameworks and open source data sets for software engineers, the pace of AI development keeps on accelerating. Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and many other technology leaders are all scrambling to hire the best AI talent, acquire AI start-ups, invest more heavily in AI research, and market their own flavors of AI-enhanced products and services. Two years ago, in 2015,…

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A Bitcoin Primer: What it is, and how to use it

No country issues it. No bank holds it. No institution backs it. No coins (or bills) even denote it. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency – entirely virtual, transacted almost exclusively online, it exists only in digital form, its value determined wholly by the market. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has been a curiosity for many, and a mystery to many more. After all, can a currency that exists purely online even be real? The answer is yes. Yes, it can. In fact, its value is very real. It recently surged to well above $2,000 USD – more than doubling its value in one year. One financial analyst at Saxo Bank predicts its value could hit $100,000 USD in just ten years. At the same time, its value can fluctuate wildly. In May 2017, for example, it took a dive of more than $500 in just one day. So how exactly does…

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Drip? Flood? Hurricane? How much content is too much content?

For technology professionals, there’s no shortage of content online, but let’s be honest: much of it is of questionable value. The reason? It’s easy – too easy – to push content out there. The critical question is, what’s the optimal amount of content an organization needs to produce for its audience to get the desired effect? If the content is worth producing at all, it should answer a very loud “Yes!” to these four essential questions: Is it relevant? This is the most important question to ask of all. It’s absolutely critical to look at the information being sent from the perspective of the intended audience. Is it meaningful to them? For example, does it address a prevailing technology trend? Is it a new perspective on a current issue? A unique perspective on a recent event? Some piece of truly breaking news – for example, a new product release, technique,…

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